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NeoStats provides unique services to IRC via loadable modules. It does not provide the traditional NickServ/ChanServ services, but instead provides services like "HostServ", which can automatically set a user's virtual host upon logging onto a IRC network, or "StatServ", which can provide detailed statistics about the network, individual servers, or channels, and produce an HTML page. It also includes a number of "Fun" services and services to assist IRC operators. Its API allows developers to extend it via C or Perl.

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  •  07 Apr 2008 08:24

Release Notes: This release fixes two issues with the Inspircd module that would cause it to Gline an entire network. Channel modes are now detected correctly. A few compilation errors relating to BSD platforms and perl detection were fixed.

  •  05 Mar 2008 05:42

Release Notes: This is the first stable release of NeoStats 3.0, which is a complete rewrite of NeoStats. This version includes a large amount of bugfixes over previous 3.0 alpha releases. Improvements over the old NeoStats 2.5 series include the ability to write or extend modules using Perl, many new enhanced modules, a simplified configure, build, and install process, DCC chat support, and Native Windows support, including full support for modules.

Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes and code cleanups were done. Several new modules were added, including quoteserv, textserv, and limitserv. This version introduces the ability to write modules in Perl rather than C, as well as the ability to extend the existing modules with Perl code. Internally, the code was fixed up to not be as resource intensive as previous versions. The module API was enhanced to make it easier for module coders to take advantage of the advanced features of NeoStats.

Release Notes: This version featured a complete re-write of the software from the ground up and supports additional features, including Win32. Several modules were ported to this version and a group of brand new modules were included.

  •  25 Feb 2005 23:01

Release Notes: This release fixed issues with newer compilers and errors in the Client CTCP Version statistics.

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26 Sep 2001 02:03 shmad Thumbs up

NeoStats Bug Reporting
I urge eveyone who uses NeoStats 2.0.11 to please report BUGS to either ( or (

Its with your help that we can eliminate all the bugs you might experience. We try to test each version before we release it to make sure there are no major bugs, however your help is appreciated.

NeoStats 2.0.11 has been out for 2 days now.. no major bugs reported. Thanks to those who have reported bugs in the past and present. :D

25 Sep 2001 03:21 krazyjake Thumbs up

New Version is PERFECT
Many of the problems have been fixed new toys added and its very stable I would reccomend everyone goes right out and buys one oh wait its FREE!

06 Feb 2000 14:44 napalm1o

Neostats is a great program my IRC network uses it and I would reccomend it to a
Its a great program and I hope it continues to be modified and added to.

22 Oct 1999 01:41 innrwrld

Adam Rutter's NeoStat Server
I give very high regard to this server's good functionality and stability. Being an ircop on a network that uses this service, I find it very helpful and reliable. I have also found very nice features unlying which Adam has taken alot of time to make perfect for usage *seeing as how I was the guinea pig for them*. I would highly recommend this package to net admins and others for usage on your network, no matter what the size or user base.


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