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07 Dec 2006 11:47 Draconishinobi

nedit is the best
nedit is the best editor (gui or otherwise) I have found so far, and I've been looking around for a long time.

The only complaint I might have is that when you compile it from source you have to use certain versions of certain development libraries otherwise it will result in an "untested" version of nedit, and likely will not work properly. (I've built many "untested" versions, and none of them have worked properly ... problems include not being able to type in locations to save to, and cut/copy/paste problems)

I guess the solution is just use the pre-compiled binaries, which is what I do currently.

24 Dec 2003 14:09 mikpos

Re: syntax / ide

> one thing i would like to see is the
> option to execute a command such as your
> favourite compiler. i just feel that it
> is missing this one feature.

You can do this with the Shell menu. Look at, e.g., Shell:make, which should be set up by default. Preferences:Default Settings:Customize Menus:Shell Menu will let you set others up.

14 Sep 2003 12:58 Thulemanden

Dropping gedit/kedit?
This is an excellent and smart looking editor. Simple to strart using, yet with advanced features.

Wanted a non-geek alternative to gedit/kedit (ie: not emacs) for an IceWm desktop and nedit was a perfect match.

10 Jul 2002 04:25 oliverfisc

I like NEdit
It is slim, fast and easy to use.

11 Apr 2002 11:03 skoop

An allround and easy editor
there are many editors outthere. there are many that are deemed the ultimate editor. but this one is definately the one to get when working on a graphical *nix environment.

I use nedit whenever I have a graphical environment. only when I can't use a graphical environment, like when I have to work through telnet/ssh, I use vi. in every other case, nedit is there for me :)

26 Dec 2001 08:17 psyfybre

syntax / ide
one thing i would like to see is the option to execute a command such as your favourite compiler. i just feel that it is missing this one feature.

something i would request is that .c and .cpp files are treated with the same syntax since i use both // and /* */ comments in the my source.

well, that aside i think this project has a good future and that the programmer(s) have spent their time wisely! its probably the best editor ive used, and it beats vi, pico etc etc no matter what those old veterans say its the quickest way to get code written.

22 Aug 2001 04:32 jf505

The Universal Text Editor
I would call NEdit the universal text editor!

Its only weak point is that it looks a bit as notepad at first sight, so that you don't know, what it really can do for you. Therefore sometimes NEdit is called a lightweight, when compared to Emacs, but this just describes NEdit's size, not its many built-in editing features.

But what makes NEdit unique, and I would say also superior to any other text editor, is its well choosen, capable and at the same time easy to learn scripting language. Together with the regular expressions support and real syntax highlighting (not just keyword coloring, please), there isn't much left to dream of, if it is about text editing.

So my recommendation is: Watch out for version 5.2!

07 Jan 2001 02:50 burbs

Annoying Less/Motif Font Sizes
Tired of the annoyingly large fonts the Less/Motif bound apps provide you with? You commmonly see these in the NEdit and Netscape menubars. They're quite annyoing. Here's how you can fix them. I use Debian; YMMV.

Edit .Xdefaults in your home directory. Add the following line before any other:

*fontList: helvetica-11

In your font.alias file in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/???dpi/fonts.alias file, have the following line:

helvetica-11 -abode-helvetica-medium-r-normal--11-80-100-100-p-56-iso8859-1.

I like helvetica. You probably have another favorite.

There are some tricks to getting this done. I'd suggest you read up on update-fonts-alias(8) and/or mkfontdir(1). Works like a charm! Now if someone can tell me what X resources the dialogs use I'd be even happier! E-mail me if you need further clarification. I'm happy to help.

10 Nov 2000 10:29 914

this is a rockin editor...
i've been looking for a decent syntax-highlighting text editor for a while.... something light and easy to use, but stable and with good file managment and highlighting.

the search is over!

22 Sep 2000 09:12 webjedi

Best xnix editor
This is by far the best GUI editor I've used so far. As a programmer, it has most of the elements one could ask for: syntax highlighting, small footprint, smart indent, and paranthesis matching. Most of all, it's got an active group of developers willing to add more functionality and enrich the application.


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