RSS All releases of Necromancer's Dos Navigator

Release Notes: The drive line and the file panels are automatically refreshed on drive or directory changes. Additional bugfixes and improvements were made to most other parts of NDN.

  •  21 Oct 2006 02:14

Release Notes: This release corrected quite serious editor and viewer problems introduced with the last release. A Win32 startup bug that made it almost impossible to use the program on Windows 2000 or later was fixed. (Un)commenting operations with multiline comments were added.

Release Notes: This release adds keyword and filename/path completion, improvements to the copy/move and delete code, and enhancements to the editor. FIND VFS can now search inside another FIND VFS or in selected objects. All histories now have a quicksearch builtin, and their sizes are configurable. The SYNTAX HIGHLIGHT code now understands all forms of escaped characters; the loading time of big files with a lot of multiline comments has improved by 50%.

Release Notes: Changes and enhancements were made to the Linux port, the copy code, the FTP/FIND/TEMP VFS, TurboVision, the DBF-viewer, and the file panel. Several other smaller changes were also made.

Release Notes: Quick searching (ALT/CTRL) now works in real Linux terminals. A lot of internal improvements were made. Enhancements were made to the TV RTL, viewer, VFS, histories, editor, file panel, file copy/move/delete, archives, commandline, and syntax highlighting code.

  •  27 May 2006 04:03

Release Notes: This release works well again in X-Server environments. It has the usual bugfixes and feature enhancements to various parts of NDN (calendar, file panel, editor, VFS', execution, and copy/move).

Release Notes: The built-in FTP client now supports deep copy and erase, fast rename, and file operations, as well as calculating directory length, and received several important bugfixes concerning directory handling. Support for systems that don't have a valid $SHELL variable (e.g. live CDs) was added (execution bug). There are 10-20 other bugfixes and enhancements to the file panel, editor, viewer, etc.

  •  09 Apr 2006 13:07

Release Notes: This release adds several new coloring possibilities. It has several improvements and bugfixes in the file panel, and a small editor bug has been fixed.

Release Notes: Local directories can now be compared recursively. Several updates were made to the highlight files along with improvements to the editor/viewer, an FTP bugfix, and a few little enhancements to the file panel.

Release Notes: The Linux version now handles filenames containing ":" or "\". The dialogs were improved, especially inputlines and list views. A new VFS for Windows Networks was added, and several annoying bugs in the editor, file panel, VFS, and dialogs were fixed.


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