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Some vendors refuses to release specs or even a binary Linux driver for their WLAN cards. ndiswrapper tries to solve this by making a kernel module that can load Ndis (Windows network driver API) drivers. The goal is not to implement all of the Ndis API, but to implement the functions needed to get cards without Linux drivers to work.


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  •  18 Apr 2006 23:49

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  19 Jun 2005 19:21

    Release Notes: Support for the NX (no-execute) bit. The 64-bit Broadcom driver works with HIGHMEM. An I/O manager layer has been implemented. There are many bugfixes.

    •  08 Mar 2005 21:42

    Release Notes: This release re-implements spinlocks for SMP machines, and adds some fixes for Marvell, Centrino, and Broadcom drivers.

    •  05 Aug 2004 07:36

    Release Notes: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is supported with both AES/CCMP and TKIP encryption. Support for the RT2400/RT2500 chipset was added. The usual bunch of bugfixes were made.

    •  10 Jun 2004 03:09

    Release Notes: Support for 802.1x (multiple WEP keys) and additional chipsets and cards, and many bugfixes to scanning, shared memory allocation, timers, IRQs, spinlocks, memory allocation, and serialized drivers.

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    26 Feb 2004 10:26 warkalla

    Awesome !
    Awesome project, works like a charm with my Belkin Card (Broadcom chipset). Why pay money to Linuxant when you can get it for free here?!


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