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Release Notes: This release adds a temp. user struct called bytes_read, a function and prototype called check_flood_limits(), flood protection for input and output, FLOOD_INPUT_LIMIT and FLOOD_OUTPUT_LIMIT protection settings in hdrfiles/constants.h, a README.flood_protection file in docs/, and a check for no defined fortune program. A missing dependency in which would cause main.c not to compile itself again if changed has been fixed. A glitch in write_log buffering has been fixed.

Release Notes: Changes from version 1.4.2 were merged. Comments in socket_funcs.c were updated. User structure miscnum2 was changed to localecho. A "localecho" keyword was added to the login prompt. A ".set localecho" command was added. Localecho info was added to ".set show" The loginhelp file was updated with localecho info. A write_char() function, for localecho, was added. The set_car_ret() and set_white_space() functions were changed to not take inpstr. Help files were updated. A set_localecho helpfile was added. CR or LF codes were added for clients that only send one or the other.

Release Notes: The changes from version 1.4.1 have been merged. Some storybot action/command development has been added.

Release Notes: The signal warnings on Mac OS X were really fixed. Preliminary telopt negotiation for terminal type was added. The code for sending out external mail was streamlined/consolidated. Multi, level, and friend-based mail options were added to .smail. Login-limiting/anti-hammering was added. Some setting commands were moved to .set. getting the IP address is now done before displaying the MOTD. The resolver-clipon was made more efficient. Some glitches and typos were fixed, and the helpfiles were updated.

Release Notes: wizlist is now created on the fly. --disable-optims in the configure script works. --enable-gcc-debug and a check for Darwin systems have been added to the configure script. -g will be used when gcc is present. An override has been added for Mac OS X systems for NET_SIZE_T to int. SIG_IGN and SIG_ERR have been prefixed with (handler_t) Miscellaneous Mac OS X compile warnings have been fixed. The login and echo functions have been changed to my_login and my_echo. A "clipon" argument has been added to the ./shutdown script to kill the resolver clip-on

Release Notes: This release includes an SMTP conversation bugfix, and implements a check in the configure script for mkdir mode argument. It also implements strip_color in fmail for mail files, fixes some permission problems, some cygwin problems, and changes the resolver_clipon to read up to 3 name servers as opposed to the previous behavior which was 1.

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