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The NumericalChameleon converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures. It supports more than 3200 units in 82 categories, including lengths, areas, volumes, durations, bits & bytes, angles, temperatures, exchange rates, Roman numerals, spoken numbers, all 35 radixes, unicode, colorcode, int. dial codes, timezones, date calculations and more. You have unlimited access for adding, modifying, and deleting categories, units, and icons. Update exchange rates with the GUI or at the command line. All configuration data are stored in flat files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 May 2004 18:37

    Release Notes: The GUI has been improved, and you can now filter categories and search for units and bookmark units. The GUI has been localized to the additional languages Greek and Hebrew, and there are new Look-and-Feels available. There are 900 new units and four new categories. The NC supports timezone and date calculations now. All available international holidays can be exported to dtcm, Outlook, or any other vCalendar-compatible application.

    •  23 Jul 2003 21:08

      Release Notes: This is a minor update release. Annoying bugs like "NC does not start with JRE 1.3", "NC does not start with my locale", or "NC does not play sounds" are fixed. It also comes with Mac OS X support. Some of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines are implemented, so the NC looks like a native application on the Mac now. The system look and feel is selectable, log files can be created on demand, and user properties can be deleted on demand. The online help is updated, it is successfully tested with 1.4.2, and the latest modules and libraries are used.

      •  01 Jun 2003 14:07

        Release Notes: This release provides 2335 units in 78 categories and 12 exchange rate filters. Scientific notation is supported. The built-in editor can save Unicode, both UTF8 and UTF16. The spoken number module can handle now up to 20 different languages. A lot of nicer images for the GUI were provided. A lot of small bugs were fixed, and all config data were updated. The latest modules and libraries are used and the user properties are persistent now. The NC takes full advantage of all cool Java 1.4 features, like mouse wheel support, Java decorated windows, and full Unicode 3.0 support.

        •  03 Dec 2002 18:40

          Release Notes: This release provides 1607 units in 75 categories and 10 exchange rate filters. The spoken number module is now able to convert numbers to the Romanian language. A step controlled unit list can be generated. The format for notices can be set and they can be saved. A reload feature for units has been added and a new GUI view is available. A lot of nicer images for the GUI were provided. Many small bugs were fixed, and all config data was updated. The latest modules and libraries are used, and it's now friendly to multi-user platforms.

          •  01 May 2002 13:07

            Release Notes: 1201 units in 73 categories are now supported. New features include faster program start, French and Portuguese language support, improved spoken number modules, and a very powerful exchange rate update module. The repaint problem under Solaris has been fixed and the latest 3rd-party libraries are now used.


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