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NBROK Linux is a Slackware-based Linux mini-distribution especially for use with a parallel-port ZIP-drive. It also works well with IDE and SCSI (SYMBIOS) internal ZIP drives.

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No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: Some nasty bugs were removed. Another stale file was removed.

Release Notes: The most current kernel, 2.4.2, has been included. PPP/SLIP kernel support has been added as modules. Framebuffer support has been enabled for VESA. This version includes man1, man5, and man8. It also can run cron. Some bugfixes were added to the install scripts. Complete disk space used is 30 MB.

Release Notes: Some minor bugfixes, removal of stale files, mail support (Sendmail, MUTT), PCMCIA cleanups, some new commands (tail, chvt, mtr), an improved installation, and a new NBROK-Linux FAQ.

Release Notes: This is a beta release with enough functionality to test Linux or for building a router. SSH, PCMCIA, Telnet, FTP, Minicom, Lynx, and firewall utils are already included. The kernel version is 2.4.1, and the most common network adapters are included as modules.


Project Spotlight


A Java code quality tool to enforce good design with respect to package dependencies.


Project Spotlight

GNU pop3d

A small, fast, and efficient POP3 server with virtual domains.