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First LibrePlan hackfest on November the 8th!

On November, the 8th the first LibrePlan hackfest will take place in A Coruña (Spain)

This is the first hackfest that the LibrePlan community is organizing and it will take place on November the 8th, in A Coruña at Igalia premises. This hackfest is sponsored by Igalia.

We invite to attend to all the people interested in the project. Although you are not a contributor yet, we would be happy to count with you. It is a great opportunity to know the project from inside talking with the LibrePlan team members. We can arrange discussions, training activities, developing workshops, etc.

We have also created a wiki page ( with more information about the event.

And, that's it, if you are thinking of joining us or want to know more, please, send us an e-mail to See you there!


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