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  •  25 Jul 2010 00:20

    Release Notes: Syntax highlighting was added for prototypes and example code. Named links are supported for URLs and email addresses.

    Release Notes: This release adds support for search and embedding images in your documentation. For users with full language support, it will also incorporate comments written for Javadoc. ActionScript support has been updated to version 3, and C# support has been improved.

    Release Notes: This version fixes minor bugs in parsing C#, ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, VB, Ruby, PL/SQL, and Ada.

    Release Notes: This is the second release candidate for Natural Docs 1.4. Support was added for nullable types in C# and the Small and Roman styles were recreated. Otherwise, just minor bugs were fixed in preparation for a stable release.

    Release Notes: This is the first release candidate for Natural Docs 1.4. It improves C# support for enums, static classes, generics, and using statements. Otherwise, it is just minor bugfixes and tweaks in preparation for a stable release.

    Release Notes: Image support is now completed, so you can specify relative and absolute image directories on the command line instead of links always being relative to the source file. ActionScript 3 support is also finished, with better support for custom namespaces.

    Release Notes: Search support is now complete, including support for framed HTML. It's faster and lighter, and some minor issues with IE and Opera were cleared up. Struct prototypes in C++ now format nicely like function prototypes do. Pop-ups for mid-paragraph images were removed; they'll now appear afterwards with a caption and a link. A bug where files would sometimes only appear as their extension on the menu was fixed.

    Release Notes: This release adds full language support for ActionScript 3, including the ability to document inside of .mxml files.

    Release Notes: ActionScript, C#, and Perl now have JavaDoc compatibility and support for headerless comments. All languages have usable (but still being developed) support for embedded images and a live search box.

    •  20 Mar 2005 12:32

    Release Notes: This release reduces the likelihood of the definition list syntax being accidentally triggered, fixes a SymbolTable crash when using -do, and adds better support for some of the more obscure Perl language features. It also allows people with full language support to document with parentheses and partial names.


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