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NativeCall is a Java toolkit that lets you call operating system methods from within Java without JNI code. NativeCall supports structs, Strings, primitive types (int and boolean), byte and char arrays, and output parameters.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2006 21:06

    Release Notes: The previous release could not create multiple pointers correctly. Javadoc for Win32Verifier#verifyModuleName(String) was corrected. Using a new Holder(null) now means new Holder(new Integer(0)). Constructor method IDs are now cached. int hashCode() methods have been optimized.

    •  05 Jan 2006 22:18

      Release Notes: Struct has been removed. Simply use, and don't forget endianness. Holder now throws a ClassCastException instead of an IllegalArgumentException if you pass a Holder instance to its constructor (which was never allowed anyway). NativeCall now throws a ClassCastException instead of an IllegalArgumentException if you use unsupported types as arguments. More tests and a code coverage report have been added.

      •  19 Jul 2005 19:33

        Release Notes: This bugfix release fixes the compatibility issues with Java Virtual Machines from IBM and BEA. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version.

        •  24 Mar 2005 16:12

          Release Notes: Bugs for output parameters were fixed.

          •  12 Dec 2004 21:59

            Release Notes: This release adds support for structs, strings, output parameters, and a lot more.


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