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Release Notes: Search/replace string history has been added, including a history logging option (-H, --historylog). The previous default search/replace string behavior has been removed. The old "pico" flag (-p) is now compatible with Pico's "preserve" mode. New configure options include 1.0.x's --disable-wrapping-as-root, and a new all-encompassing --enable-all flag. The internal spell checker has been improved. Fixes are included for multibuffer mode, internal spell checker, the color code, cutting text crashes, justification, and statusbar cursor position, and translation and documentation updates.

Release Notes: New features include a Meta-Y toggle for syntax highlighting, pluralized i18n, and a handler for SIGTERM. Nano now ignores XOFF (^S) to stop accidental lock-ups, and no longer references malloc.h. Also included are fixes for zero-length regex matches, segfaults with --disable-mouse, justification, memory corruption with the browser, version and help cmdline output, and translation updates.

Release Notes: The changes include a new version of gettext, a new and improved syntax highlighting engine, and updates for the nanorc.sample file. The toggles for case sensitivity (Meta-C) and regex search (Meta-R) have changed, multibuffer status is now displayed and can be toggled from the insert file menu, and some wrapping behavior that changed in 1.1.10 was reverted. Also included are fixes for various memory leaks, the operating directory option, username tab completion, the page_up and down arrow, go to previous word and next word, nanorc parser, and line wrapping code.

Release Notes: This release features version 0.11.2 of gettext, building with automake 1.6, some new code for displaying control characters, browserimprovements, a new backup file option (-B, --backup), a new option to ignore rc files (-I,--ignorercfiles), compatibility with -pedantic, handling null characters before EOF, a slightly sportier nanorc.sample, and more. Fixes are included for justification, the reading and writing file routines, resizing and filllength, and millions of memory leaks, the usage screen was updated, and the longopts --quotestr and --regexp really work now.

Release Notes: This release includes a prepend mode (^O,M-P), a new "syntax" command in the .nanorc to allow multiple syntax highlighting types, and a new -Y, --syntax flag to set a specific syntax highlighting type. The ^space and M-space keys will now show up in the help menu, which itself has been tweaked a bit. Many more configure options should now cooperate. The marker should now work when using multiple buffers, and the huge memory leak in color syntax highlighting has been fixed.

Release Notes: New features include an "Insert Output of External Command", ^R^X, and a .spec file. There are cleanups in the usage code, fixes for regex parsing, the file browser, the NO_CONVERT auto-detect, indent justification, the internal spell checker, and a serious bug where reading a file of 0 lines would hang nano. Also, the "show position" code shows the starting column as 1 instead of 0.

Release Notes: New flags -N/--noconvert and -Q/--quotestr for quoted text justification, a new tempnam() implementation, DOS and Mac file options in the Write File dialog, multiple save files (file.1) for abnormal exits, ^C shows column as well as character position, and duplicate files in multibuffer mode. Nano reads $SYSCONFDIR/nanorc, and is built with autoconf 2.5. There are also fixes for some memory leaks, detecting DOS and Mac formats, justification, suspending keys, search & replace, variable width for shortcut lists, and translation updates.

Release Notes: New features in this release include new Meta-keys as alternates for control sequences: Meta-A for ^^ and Meta-G for ^_ in the file browser. The color syntax highlighting now supports multiple lines via the start="regex" end="regex" syntax. There is also a new version of gettext and a new single search string occurrence message. There are bugfixes for spelling, stray newlines in the usage() function, suspend issues with tcsh, auto-indent and wrapping clashes, ugly code in rcfile.c, and global variable compatibility with AIX, and oodles of translation updates.

Release Notes: Nano now does the Right Thing and used keypad() by default. There is now the -K or --keypad flag to use the old behavior. Other changes include more Hurd fixes, fixes parsing the .nanorc, minor display fixes for the color syntax highlighting, gettext stabilization, and many translation updates.

Release Notes: Rudimentary regex color syntax highlighting support, compatibility fixes for the Hurd and FreeBSD, spell checker and wrapping fixes, and more.


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