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Nano-Hive is a modular simulator used for modeling the physical world at a nanometer scale. The intended purpose of the simulator is to act as a tool for the study, experimentation, and development of nanotech entities.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Feb 2006 22:00

    Release Notes: This release makes Nano-Hive fully distributable across computing networks (DC). Other features include SocketsPIC_Control (controls slave Nano-Hive instances via sockets); AIREBO (employs the Adaptive Intermolecular Reactive Empirical Bond Order (AIREBO) potential); the addition of linear force and rotary force activators to the pathing system; and the BoxedSet simulation specification atom set descriptor for use in pathing atoms and molecules.

    •  08 Jun 2005 18:16

      Release Notes: Support for multiple, simultaneous, multi-threaded simulation. New plugins: BasicCellTraverser divides simulation space into sub-cells for multi-threaded calculation; MPQC_SClib encapsulates the Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program; SocketsControl controls Nano-Hive via a TCP socket; OpenBabelImportExport adds the ability to read and write many new file types; and BondCalculator, discovers molecules and specifies bonds. Also included in this release is an alpha version of the HiveKeeper Graphical User Interface for Nano-Hive.

      •  31 May 2004 11:25

        Release Notes: This version uses the Tcl scripting language for simulation workflow scripting. Several bugfixes and refinements were made.


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