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Version 0.3.0 of NAMI

Release Notes: This release replaces milliseconds as actionid with sequentially incremented numbers to avoid collisions when sending actions too quickly.

Other releases

  •  07 Apr 2014 22:54

Release Notes: This release adds Conference actions.

  •  12 Nov 2013 02:13

Release Notes: Variables can now be sent with actions. Minor maintenance updates.

  •  01 Apr 2013 15:06

    Release Notes: This maintenance release allows reconnection by listening to connection events (see included example).

    •  04 Sep 2012 12:43

    Release Notes: This release adds an Originate action and fixes a bug with reading async events coming in with an actionid (this affected reading OriginateResponse correctly).

    •  24 Aug 2012 22:46

      Release Notes: This release can officially connect to Asterisk 10 (AMI 1.2).


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