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  •  05 Jun 2010 09:24

Release Notes: The ability to publish and share your results was added. The user interfaces and HTML output have been improved. New datasets, a new template for resolv.conf generation, and new support for direct importation of pcap files were added. OARC port diversity checks were added. Third party libraries and server listing were updated.

Release Notes: IPv6 support was added, health checking was made faster and more comprehensive, the name server database was updated, and HTML output was improved. The Mac OS X version is now a universal binary. Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Significant improvements to the HTML output. The Mac OS X UI now warns if packet interception is detected, and properly applies the automatic congestion compensation.

Release Notes: Connection quality checking and adjustment were improved. Cache-sharing checks are now more forgiving and less likely to timeout. The time-scale on distribution graph was increased for better representation on slower connections. More nameservers were added for China, Hungary, Serbia, Indonesia, Turkey, and Algeria.


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