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  •  24 Jul 2007 00:01

Release Notes: A bug in the map index page when handling hard/soft states was fixed along with host lines and an issue where the configured background color of the page was not recognized. Labels for lines were added, and labels are now also shown in WUI.

  •  08 Jul 2007 11:39

Release Notes: Some bugs in the NDO backend have been fixed. The getState methods were completely reviewed, and some code was optimized. A bug when NagVis was trying to detect/prevent loops in maps has been fixed.

Release Notes: A macro has been added in object labels [output] for plugin output. Label positioning has been modified (presign -/+ marks have relative positioning, and positioning is otherwise absolute like the icons).

  •  02 Jul 2007 11:08

Release Notes: When opening a map in WUI, it is opened in NagVis ( 1740181). An empty password for NDO is now allowed again ( 1740390). The missing ShapeManagement page has been recovered ( 1740192).

Release Notes: The code is now completely ready to use with PHP 5. A mash up capability was added, allowing the use of muliple backends and data sources at once. NDO is now the standard backend. The HTML backend was changed to be optional. The file structure was redesigned. The new "shape" icon type for (stateless icons) was added. A bunch of new parameters were added, including z axis, only_hard_states, background color, and many more. The code was completely redesigned.


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