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Release Notes: This releaes features further development on the selections in the viewer.

Release Notes: This release supports selections in the viewer's wrap mode as well. A race in the text widget, and various UnixWare build issues, were fixed.

Release Notes: Performance of the viewer was significantly improved. Other bug fixes were made.

Release Notes: A debug window was added. Auto-cleaning was disabled when browsing history in an entry field. The Quick Find entry is now auto-cleaning and has history. A directory-only ability was added to Quick Find. Hogging of the directories by the cached background shells was removed, and a new ability to copy the working directory to commandline on ^P was added.

Release Notes: The bug in panel resizing is fixed, and the quick finding of files by name is added.


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Extensions providing additional features for Dolphin's right click menu in KDE.


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A LED matrix controller.