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16 Oct 2002 11:27 ldrolez

Re: Design

> Firstly, the
> URLs are stored in the database and
> keyed by the URL.

This long dating flaw has been fixed for in the 0.9.0 release. Fixing this flaw will also allow the user to easily add its own fields to the links database (author info, images, ...) in the next releases.

16 May 2002 22:45 qaexl


I'd like to thank the open source community before I dig deeper into some of the issues with the program. They have been a great help to me. In any case, this program does what it set out to do: organize information in a Yahoo! like category. However, there's a couple flaws with the design that I found while modifying it for a client. Firstly, the URLs are stored in the database and keyed by the URL. I can understand wanting to have a unique URL. However, when the *client* tries to use it, they sometimes leave off the URL or add a space. Then, when they try clicking on the edit link, it doesn't appear. Go figure. Also, because it is keyed to the URL, that means the URL can only appear in one category at a time. Secondly, I don't like the Templates. Ok. That's more of a personal opinion, but, most of the code was written with an if-then-else step ladder that determines what template to use. A more elegant solution is to have a table or an array doing the matching. But since I'm lazy too :-) and the second is more of personal opinion, there's only one serious flaw.


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