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My Survey MySQL

My Survey MySQL is a script which allows you to conduct a survey over the Web. It stores the responses in a MySQL database. You can retrieve the results over the Web in either a sortable HTML table, a bargraph summary, or a downloadable spreadsheet. This script is cabable of recording and displaying thousands of responses.


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  •  13 Jun 2001 13:03

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Recent comments

    19 Dec 2001 00:48 woodster

    uhm... good stuff
    As mentioned in an eariler post....... I was ticked cause I was stuck.... but as mentioned in an earlier post... this project is good and kewl. I just need to brush up on perl a bit more. He sent me some nice help info to the project and perl.

    Later guys,

    30 Oct 2001 22:24 mikespice

    Re: kinda misleading
    As the author, I felt that I must reply. This script is
    by far the hardest one of mine to get working. This
    is because of the necessity to actually edit a few
    lines of perl code to match each survey that you are
    conducting. Please do not be reluctant to try my
    other easy to use scripts just because of the extra
    level of experience needed for this script.

    BTW: I do go over everything in the README, but it
    may require some patience

    25 Oct 2001 23:46 woodster

    kinda misleading
    I think the effort to put this out was great, but the readme and how to configure this thing for what he actually say's it can do need's some help.

    Hope you guy's have better luck with it than me.

    When I put this project out in PHP, I will make sure you guy's have a solid readme to go off of.



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