Version 0.6 of MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins

Release Notes: Using a MySQL configuration file ~/.my.cnf is now the recommended way to hide passwords from the process table. A new configuration file parameter, "exclude databases", was introduced to specify a comma separared list of database that are not to be backed up. The "compression tool" configuration file parameter was fixed to allow white space.

Other releases

  •  04 Feb 2014 11:38

    Release Notes: Code was moved to git.

    •  04 Oct 2008 18:17

    Release Notes: Optional table optimization after dumping was added. Archive::ZIP is not required when running on Win32.

    •  03 Aug 2007 11:10

    Release Notes: This release adds Win32 support.

    •  18 Sep 2006 04:28

    Release Notes: The version number was bumped, and unused variables were removed.

    •  16 Sep 2006 21:41

    Release Notes: The "defaults-extra-file" config option was added, which can be used instead of specifying the username/password/host directly in the config file. The "dbhost" config paramater is now also used for the backup filename. If you use the new "defaults-extra-file" for remote backups, this key is still needed to set the filename. Code formatting and minor fixes were done.


    Project Spotlight


    A lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions to ease the task of programming GTK+ programs with C++ in POSIX environments.


    Project Spotlight

    TurnKey Movable Type Appliance

    A Movable Type appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.