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13 May 2009 12:11 openisp

Working on yum rpm release. We are finally taking a break from system admin work and trying finish a complete modern distribution system for at least CentOS 5. Sorry about all the mess and renaming of projects etc...etc...example mysqlApache is now unxsApache see for more information.

05 May 2009 15:58 hurquiza

I just finished the new screenshots!

05 May 2009 15:52 ispabierto

Thanks for updating the site!

05 May 2009 15:39 openisp

Updated home page. Enjoy the screen shots of the optional user interfaces that come with the new 2 series of mysqlBind.

05 May 2009 15:14 openisp

Just submiited new major stable tar.gz release 2.6. Should be available by this afternoon. You can always get info at

05 May 2009 13:57 openisp

As you can see we are being cyber stalked by some wacky guy that we refused chat service to. Lol, we must be doing something right! Please contact us if you have any problems at all installing or using our software. Call or email us anytime. If you think the stalker has any valid arguments please let us know. Crazies: We do however reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason we deem fit. AM Support Staff and, Hugo, Dilva and Gary. Cheers!

12 Mar 2009 23:58 yosu

Re: Unfulfilled promises and dark procedures
How could I do that Gary? if you have forbiden my
AIM acount on your IM?

or Hugo who didn't reply to my last 7 messages.

12 Mar 2009 11:11 openisp

SVN version 2.5 is unstable
We are in the middle of changing the old name server group system to a more flexible and orthogonal system. That said, the tar.gz is quite outdated but should be stable for most uses. The new version will have the new install system and and a complete company-contact-role model sample system pre-installed.

12 Mar 2009 11:04 openisp

Re: Unfulfilled promises and dark procedures
Thanks for your positive critique, always welcome. We will try to improve the areas you mention. If you have any problems downloading or getting any GPL software please just email us or call. Thanks and excuse any problems you may have encountered.

12 Mar 2009 02:21 yosu

Unfulfilled promises and dark procedures
I loved the architecture of the full mysqlISP project

at first sight.

From the technical point of view it looked smart and


But, I could never confirm this impression... my

experience with the 2 guys that build, own and

manage this software have been of the worst

quality. First of all, notice that the project link to

the website is pointing to commercial offerings and

the open source content is hidden and hard to find.

Once you find the right site, the links still try to

mislead you to the commercial site. Once you get

the idea of the site's structure, try to go to the

site's forums to know the people behind the project,

just impossible, links are broken (for several month

yet). The downloads are usually outdated, they

never publish the latest versions out.

But well, there is a very nice offering on the site...

We will install it for free!, they claim. So I decided

to tryÖ NOT TRUE!!! they will ask you for money

BEFORE the installation is completed or ask you to

buy an SLA in exchange for the "FREE" installation

also before it is completed.

Even worst, they never send you the SLA when you

ask for it! Weird that the invoice arrives promptly to

your mailbox even without having any SLA preview


So from my point of view... This is not real Open

source, STAY AWAY! as far as you can. If you have

a full load of money, go get Virtuosso wich is not

OS too but is much better. On the OS side, you can

get DTC from gplhost, Itís a lot easier to install and

maintain (apt-get, yes it comes standard default

with Debian), and Support people is nicer and more

knowledgeable, I know it because after studding 6

different ISP software options I decided to work

with DTC and gplhost Witch is better, fair and got

sweet support. DTC is the leader on GNU ISP

software, test and enjoy!


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