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24 Jan 2008 09:17 spondishy

Re: Time tested greatest db


> % I agree I love mysql. Thank you for

> making such

> % a great database!


> database for the massess



Yep... I use SQL Server in my role, but MySQL on my hobby sites. I've had no problems performance wise. Great product. Thanks.

25 Nov 2007 14:36 pslq

Re: Consider PostgreSQL

> I am attempting to evaluate which

> database I should use for a Java (JSP)

> web application that I'm planning to

> develop.


> There seems to be disagreement in the

> open source comminity over which DBMS is

> better; MySQL or PostgreSQL.


> Other open source databases such as

> Firebird and SAP never seem to feature

> much in these discussions. Why is this?

> From what I've read on their web sites

> they seem to have comparable feature

> sets.


> Thanks in advance,


> Mitch

I dont know about postgreSQL....

but I have a large ( + 8000000 rows ) mysql5 database,
with stored functions...

running about a year,...

I only restarted it twice, to update the db version...

10 Sep 2007 13:39 Fluxxx

Re: Great Database


> % Mysql 5 isn't my favorite cause

> Mysql4

> % still is ;-)



> Sure, more stable as i think

Mysql5 is better than Mysql4.

01 Jul 2007 00:56 vkt

Re: Simple
Yes, but... Sometimes it is interesting to make something using just the HTML, even no pictures. Have you ever think about this?

08 Jun 2007 22:31 CoderGuy

Re: Great for beginners

> I start with mysql without any knowlegde

> of sql. It is very easy to administrate

> especially by using the addons

Saved me light years on that aspect as well. We incorporated it when we expanded our business, and it went very smooth. Now in terms of the rest of the growing pain issues that come along with expansion...that's another story =)

23 May 2007 14:41 statisa

Re: Simple
Agree. And it's very nice when it comes to performance, too (at least in most cases).

17 May 2007 08:27 manuel80

Re: Great Database
Mysql 5 has some nice new features like "MATCH". Don't saw any downsides yet!

15 May 2007 07:50 dreamdictionary

Re: Simple

> MySQL is generally simple. The question

> is often about how far you can reach.

It's simple for using, but it's very features rich DB

25 Mar 2007 15:36 akor

Re: Great Database

> Now MySQL 5 becomes more stable than
> MySQL 4. I like both, but mostly use
> MySQL 5.

mysql 5 have better string support. when I rewrote abit wordpress engine on my blog, full search operation start run mcuh faster.

14 Mar 2007 21:52 endless552001

Re: Great Database
Now MySQL 5 becomes more stable than MySQL 4. I like both, but mostly use MySQL 5.


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