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MySQL Cocoa project

The MySQL Cocoa project provides a standard MySQL client API for using the database with Cocoa (the MacOS X Objective-C/OpenStep environment).

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  •  09 Aug 2004 13:29

Release Notes: This release adds support for NULL and NSNull in the quoteObject: method of MCPConnection.

  •  04 Aug 2004 19:04

Release Notes: This release adds better handling of integer columns and text columns. SMySQL is now able to recognize (and keep information) for unsigned integers (up to UNSIGNED BIGINT == unsigned long long == 64b unsigned integer). The TEXT columns are now retrieved as text, hopefully using the proper encoding (coming from the DB server).

  •  25 Aug 2003 01:07

Release Notes: An issue where BigInt numbers (64 bits in MySQL) were transformed into long int (32 bits) by the framework was fixed. BigInt columns are now treated as long long (64 bits) signed integers (there are still problems with unsigned MySQL columns).

  •  20 Aug 2003 16:52

Release Notes: This release changes the organization of the Project Builder project to make it clearer. The framework is now in three flavors with different names (flavors correspond to targets, and no longer to build styles). SMySQL is linked system-wide to a dynamic libmysqlclient. SMySQL_static is linked system-wide to a static libmysqlclient. SMySQL_bundled is a framework to be bundled within a Cocoa application, linked to a static libmysqlclient. The binary distribution contains these three frameworks, so you don't need to get MySQL to use the framework.


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