Version 0.2b of MySAC

Release Notes: The license was clarified.

    Other releases

    •  07 Jun 2011 00:32

      Release Notes: A major regression in the last version was fixed: authentication with many MySQL servers was not possible with 1.1.

      •  25 Apr 2011 01:32

        Release Notes: A memory audit function has been added. Many bugs have been fixed.

        •  11 Apr 2011 21:40

          Release Notes: The library can use memory allocation for responses. Many bugs have been fixed. A major bug is that the library doesn't thread empty responses.

          •  31 Mar 2010 15:48

            Release Notes: A shared object (.so) library is compiled by default. The static library was renamed from limysac.a to libmysac-static.a. Compilation on the x64 platform was fixed.

            •  30 Nov 2009 14:51

              Release Notes: Statement implementation was added. A new io function was added. This function can be always called in place of context functions: mysac_send_database, mysac_send_database, mysac_send_query, and mysac_connect. A bug in which columns were counted in place of rows was fixed. A wrong file descriptor in an example was fixed. A function that cannot return status was fixed. A compilation error was fixed. The exemple directory was cleaned from a makefile error.


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