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MyPHP Stats

MyPHP Stats is a very robust PHP and MySQL based statistical engine for Web servers. It uses a MySQL database table to store the statistics for the site and pulse the data from that table, parsing it with PHP, for some very nice looking and well formatted statistical data. It is also very easy to customize.


Recent releases

  •  20 Jun 2001 14:48

    Release Notes: A bug concerning 'Referrers' was fixed. A bug where a non-existent address ending in '.arpa' could be saved in the database was fixed. A bug which occurred when a 'Referrer' would contain the '#' sign was fixed. Support was added for resolving which country each domain is in. The size of the 'Domain' column was increased to 64 characters. An input box for limit modification was added.

    •  02 Jun 2001 22:07

      Release Notes: A bug where the 'Referrer' was always saved with a trailing '/' and a bug where the 'Referrers' section did not display all entries when a limit (e.g. "stats.php?limit=20") was specified have been fixed. The query in "stats.php" has been modified to use the $table variable from "header.php." The query in "stats.php" has been modified to ignore blank fields. A missing $size var has been added to "header.php." Functionality to show total hits has been added to the top of the stats page. The README and comments are more verbose.

      •  02 Jun 2001 08:24

        Release Notes: Initial release.


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