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Mylene is a command line MPEG audio player. It can play plain and system embedded MPEG audio streams and works for Linux OSS and ALSA emulated OSS and Mac OS X. The player can be used interactively by telling it to establish a UNIX or INET server on which commands can be received. It features sophisticated song selection filters, the ability to interpret programs written in a C-like programming language and user formatted text output among others. The seek-h262 MPEG decoder is required for audio and system MPEG decoding.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2014 13:24

    Release Notes: Inter program communication is extended to include a variables vector. The variables pertain the current file play only and may be set and read by any program.

    •  28 Feb 2014 02:39

      Release Notes: The dependencies are updated. The instant aime programs may now safely call functions in the host programs.

      •  20 May 2013 00:40

        Release Notes: The dependencies are updated. A new function available for the interpreted programs allows song selection filtering.

        •  18 Feb 2013 04:30

          Release Notes: This release adds a new means of communication with the executed programs. Instant programs can be run in the execution environment of the regular programs, allowing the examination and modification of the state of the latter.

          •  11 Sep 2012 21:37

            Release Notes: The aime interpreter dependencies have been updated. A bug in the processing of command line specified programs has been fixed.


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