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MyBaD is an MP3 player that aims to be a rewrite of Mike Oliphant's DigitalDJ. Details about songs are stored in a MySQL database, and playlists are generated by SQL queries through a simple interface. Compatibility with the database format of Grip will be maintained. The goals of the rewrite include a more flexible user interface, more modular code, and a faster release cycle.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2001 07:28

    Release Notes: This release fixes most of the problems with runaway player processes. It is a known bug that if the DB has an incorrect filename, and freeamp is being used to play the songs, the player won't move on to the next song. This works fine with mpg123.

    •  28 Apr 2001 20:23

      Release Notes: The spawned MP3 player process is now made a group leader, which improves stopping and pausing in some situations.

      •  20 Mar 2001 20:16

        Release Notes: The BPM-o-matic, which was badly broken in 0.6.2, has been fixed.

        •  07 Mar 2001 20:31

          Release Notes: This release adds compile fixes for RH 7, optimization of artist- and disc-list interaction (this should involve far fewer DB accesses now), and the ability to reverse playlist ordering (i.e., fastest to slowest, reverse album order, and most recently listened to).

          •  05 Mar 2001 05:02

            Release Notes: More source code reorganization, a new about page with my info and a new logo, and a taller playlist.


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