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  •  19 Jan 2004 17:46

Release Notes: A bug that showed up in Mac OS X 10.3 was fixed. A facility to search Advogato with Google was added in the home. Minor documentation improvements were done.

  •  09 Jun 2003 15:25

Release Notes: A bug in the titles of recentlog and personalized recentlog was fixed. The documented one-liner that generates valid parameter values has been shortened.

  •  13 Apr 2002 16:19

Release Notes: Support with the new mod_virgule.

  •  22 Mar 2002 18:02

Release Notes: Normalized tags images.

  •  06 Dec 2001 08:39

Release Notes: Robustness was improved against URLs which are broken into lines within href attributes.


Project Spotlight


An autodiscovering network observation system.


Project Spotlight


A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.