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MXFLib is an open source C++ library to support the Material eXchange Format (MXF). MXF is standardised as SMPTE 377M - 394M. MXFlib provides a library and tools to assist developers to add MXF support to their multimedia applications.

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Release Notes: The dependency on KLVLib was removed. An autoconf-based build system and simple testsuite were added. A kludge to work around a known bug in gcc 3.3.x was added. GetDict() no longer exists. The MDObject and MDType classes were cleaned up. A "RAW" data type was added to types.xml rather than hard-coding. "TimeStamp" was changed to "Timestamp" as per SMPTE-377M. A bad IndexManager destructor was fixed. The IndexManager class was added to support complex index table building. Many index table options were added, and OP qualifiers were fixed in mxfwrap. A problem where HeaderByteSize was wrong in the footer was fixed. AnchorOffset was corrected in MPEG index tables.


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A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.