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The Mx documentation tool

The Mx documentation tool has been developed to improve the quality of program documentation. In particular, all program modules are written as if they form part of a final, completely documented system. Using a text formatter enables the programmer to express more clearly the program properties. The result is a more readable document where the actual program code plays the role of an illustration of the more global system objectives and design boundaries. The programmer works with Mx files rather than program source files and uses special Mx-directives to separate code sections from documentation sections. The overhead involved in writing a program as an Mx-document is minimal. Likewise, the overhead incurred on the edit-compile-debug cycle is minimal. Using Mx during the whole software development cycle leads to a product where the documentation is in sink with the program itself. Moreover, the physical adjacency of documentation containing rationale and assumptions stimulates the delivery of better quality code as discrepancies in design and coding are more easily recognized.

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