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10 Apr 2005 06:18 gvy

docs and samples
BTW, the Mutt FAQ ( is very useful to read *before* looking at Mutt itself. (we host Russian translation (

And when someone's in progress of hammering his (or even her) own config file to personal taste and habit samples of already existing configuration are available at ( Worth looking at, must admit.

Good luck, and if you're tired with e-mail, a couple of days to get used to mutt and make it fit you will pay back quite quickly -- I'd estimate less than two weeks of accomodation time (being ex-Pine user).

22 Sep 2002 07:40 gt3

mmm mutt
mutt is the king of unix MUAs. I recommend reading the muttrc manpage immediately from top to bottom and crafting the perfect .muttrc file for your needs.

21 Feb 2002 16:54 unixman

Oh yes!
Talk about a robust, flexible and powerful email client! Happily using Mutt and loving it!

08 Aug 2001 23:01 evoltech

Re: My Fav
Mutt rules I use lynx to read all my html messages from the console plug it right into .mailcap

18 Jun 2001 23:22 dcardamo

My Fav
This is my favorite mail app out there. Its extremely powerful and configurable.

07 Apr 2000 13:47 bneely

Review of mutt 1.0.1
Linuxcare has published a review of mutt 1.0.1 as part of its App of the Week column.
Read the review!


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