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Mutella supports all the functionality required to participate as a full-featured node in the Gnutella network (which implies support for file search, download, and sharing). It is optimized for a high-bandwidth connection where it sets standards for the server performance and stability, but it can also run on a modest-speed line. It features real multiple search support, passive search (all query-reply packets are checked against local search list), automatic re-submission of the queries, unlimited download retry, automatic search for alternative locations when download fails to start immediately, auto-get function for broken downloads, and much more.

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  •  01 Jul 2003 04:40

Release Notes: New features in this version include improved conectivity via ultrapeer support and GnuWebCache usage, better searching and matching via SHA1 hashing, improved BlackList handling, and much more. Unfortunately, stability problems on certain platforms, mainly Solaris, remain unresolved in this release.

Release Notes: Support for LEAF and ULTRA modes was added. A multitude of bugs were fixed. Enhancements were made to the Gnutella protocol support and robustness. This is a release candidate, so feedback on the quality of this release is desired.

  •  10 Aug 2002 09:03

    Release Notes: This release adds support for user auto-get searches, blacklisting (by IP), clever removal of ineffective connections (which send no results), Cygwin fixes (this now seem to be working again), memory and CPU use optimizations, a modified (more agressive) results grouping algorithm, very accurate and efficient bandwidth limiting for connections, an option to share a download directory (with no subdirectories), a fix for possible crash situations, and a wordfiler to ignore certain types of content. Approximate size matching is now possible for user searches.


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