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mod_musicindex is an Apache module aimed at being a C alternative to the Perl module Apache::MP3. It allows nice displaying of directories containing MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or MP4/AAC files, including sorting them on various fields, streaming/downloading them, constructing playlists, and searching. It also provides features such as RSS and Podcast feeds, multiple CSS support, and archive downloads.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2013 21:08

Release Notes: This release fixes a single bug introduced in 1.4.0 in which the tarball download was sending garbage.

  •  14 Oct 2012 20:50

Release Notes: This release makes the module compatible with Apache 2.4, implements a few cosmetic changes as well as RFC3803, and fixes a fairly long list of minor bugs. It also improves the overall performance of the module (reducing memory and CPU usage).

  •  08 Apr 2012 11:39

Release Notes: This release fixes an XHTML rendering error and a cosmetic bug in the recursive search display.

  •  01 Nov 2011 00:58

Release Notes: The XHTML+XML MIME type is now used for browsers that support it. Native language support was improved. Changes in libmp4v2's API were worked around. A minor bug that caused display fields to not be set properly in some cases was fixed.

  •  02 Sep 2010 14:17

Release Notes: This release fixes a single bug, by which playlists might be downloaded with random filenames.

RSS Recent comments

27 Feb 2013 13:24 hostiles Thumbs up

You can achieve this by editing the winamp.ini in the WinAMP working directory.
Add the following two lines:

Realm name=username:password

31 Oct 2012 13:37 lgretton Thumbs up

Great work with this module, I've been using it for years and have just upgraded to 1.4.0.

One backward step in this version (for me) is that the auth credentials are no longer included in the generated playlists. This makes them awkward to use in applications such as WinAMP - I'm prompted for username and password for every single track.

Would it be possible to make this feature configurable, so that credentials can be passed in playlists as they used to be?



21 Jun 2012 16:14 manzikki Thumbs up

This is really practical and easy to set up. Thanks! Would it be very difficult to support some video format streaming, too?

06 Dec 2010 11:03 morecool Thumbs up

Sort is not working...
so I modified config.c
static const unsigned char const default_order[] = {
SB_FILENAME, // s work... :(...

06 Dec 2010 06:48 morecool Thumbs up

MusicSortOrder is not correctry working :(


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