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  •  09 Jun 2011 00:59

    Release Notes: This version fixes a crashing regression and includes tweaks to the container classes for handling aliased objects intelligently, rewrites the SynchronousMessageRPCCall functionality to be more flexible, and fixes the CalculateChecksumForFloat() and CalculateChecksumForDouble() functions to handle the -0.0 case correctly.

    •  24 May 2011 00:39

      Release Notes: This version modifies the QueryFilter API to allow QueryFilters to add custom information to their results, if they wish. It simplifies the ReflectServer class's memory allocation by having ReflectServer refer to the global memory allocator directly, rather than taking an allocator as an optional argument. It adds a SLIP framing/unframing gateway. It adds some convenience methods to the Queue class. It fixes a couple of bugs in the argument-parsing and ip_address comparison routines.

      •  19 Apr 2011 02:56

        Release Notes: This version adds a Qt-based GUI muscled server-database browser application. It also adds some enhancements to the Hashtable class, including a compile-time flag to help detect poorly performing hashing algorithms. A FilePathExpander API was added for expanding wildcarded filesystem path lists. Minor bugs were fixed.

        •  29 Mar 2011 20:38

          Release Notes: This release adds a Qt example application (in muscle/qtsupport/qt_example), and also various previously-missing functions for querying the settings of a socket. There are a few minor bugfixes.

          •  27 Feb 2011 08:29

            Release Notes: This is a very minor release. The main change is that the code will compile without errors under g++ 4.4.x. Some minor bugs were fixed as well.

            •  03 Feb 2011 05:32

              Release Notes: This version adds support for Void values in Hashtables, improves the const-correctness of the Hashtable class, and fixes various other minor bugs.

              •  21 Dec 2010 03:20

                Release Notes: This version adds some time-unit-conversion functions, a DetectNetworkConfigChangeSession class that can notify your code when the host system's network configuration has changed, and a TelnetPlainTextMessageIOGateway class that strips telnet command codes from incoming TCP data. It also simplifies the shared-memory design of the SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator. Finally, it fixes a memory allocation bug in the StringMatcher class.

                •  06 Dec 2010 02:54

                  Release Notes: This version fixes a bug that could cause excessive memory usage in some circumstances, adds several new convenience methods to various classes, fixes the system-memory-usage measurement routines under Mac OS X, and adds an on-exit callback so that statically allocated ZLibCodecs no longer get reported as "possibly leaked" by valgrind's memcheck tool.

                  •  20 Oct 2010 08:24

                    Release Notes: Support was added for setting a time limit on asynchronous TCP connections. The option to disable output to stdout and stderr, wrappers for strcasecmp() and strncasecmp(), and a system-global memory-usage measurement function were added.

                    •  01 Sep 2010 08:00

                      Release Notes: This version fixes a bug in Inet_PtoN() under Windows, adds bit-masking support to the NumericQueryDataFilter class, fixes a bug in ParseArgs(), improves string comparison support, and adds a udpproxy program to the tests folder. Various other minor bugs were fixed.


                      Project Spotlight


                      A tool which edits and replays captured network traffic back onto the wire.


                      Project Spotlight

                      SIREMIS Web Management Interface

                      A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).