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MURIX Linux is a distribution based on LFS for building bootable CDROMs.


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  •  23 Jul 2006 21:28

Release Notes: This release was compiled with GCC-4.0.3 and binutils-2.16.1 for i686 with SMP and RTC built-in. It was configured with "make allmodconfig" for the "initramfs" boot scheme. Several diagnostic tools are included, such as smartmontools, hdparm, and coreutils.

  •  25 Dec 2004 23:04

Release Notes: This release updates to Linux 2.6.9, memtest86 3.2, memtest86+ 1.30, smartmontools, ettercap 0.70, tcpflow 0.21, udev 48, mc 4.6.0, parted, dhcpcd, mplayer 1.0pre5, apache-httpd 2.0.52, alsamixer, grub 0.95, OpenSSH client and server 3.9, and iptraf 2.7.0.

Release Notes: This version includes Linux kernel 2.6.x and all of the associated necessary updates.

Release Notes: CPUs better than i486 are now supported. Versions of packages in ramdisk.gz were updated. SCSI drivers are not included except for IDE-SCSI emulation, and some PCI ethernet adapters are supported.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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Project Spotlight


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