Version 4.6 of Mup

Release Notes: New features include more flexible headers and footers, text blocks, paragraphs, and enhancements to parameters.

Other releases

  •  08 Dec 2012 13:36

    Release Notes: The license was changed from shareware to a BSD-style license. This version contains all the features of the previous shareware release, as well as a new feature for automatically doing gradual MIDI changes. 32- and 64-bit .deb packages are now provided in addition to .rpm and .tgz.

    •  20 Jul 2007 03:22

    Release Notes: This version adds new features requested by users, including support for user-defined symbols, several new parameters affecting layout and how accidentals are used, a new way to force alignment, an HTML index, and various other enhancements.

    •  27 Feb 2006 21:52

    Release Notes: New features in this release included a generalized 'if' clause, support for complex time signatures, and additional ways to control the appearance of beams and stems.

    •  10 May 2005 02:39

    Release Notes: New features include support for cross-staff stems, additive time values, an alternative multirest style, an additional tuplet numbering style, a 'number of pages' string, and an option to beam across spaces.

    •  08 Jul 2004 21:20

    Release Notes: This release introduces support for shaped note heads. There are also enhancements to parameters: a way to change some parameters (like clef) in the middle of a measure, a new 'stemlen' parameter, more flexibility in the 'key' parameter, and a new 'swingunit' parameter that will produce MIDI output in swing time. Other features include a way to specify your own custom PostScript to be included in the generated output, and a way to reset rehearsal numbers and letters.


    Project Spotlight


    A knowledge creation system.


    Project Spotlight

    Armadillo C++ Library

    A fast C++ matrix library with an API similar to Matlab's.