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  •  08 Dec 2012 13:36

    Release Notes: The license was changed from shareware to a BSD-style license. This version contains all the features of the previous shareware release, as well as a new feature for automatically doing gradual MIDI changes. 32- and 64-bit .deb packages are now provided in addition to .rpm and .tgz.

    •  20 Jul 2007 03:22

    Release Notes: This version adds new features requested by users, including support for user-defined symbols, several new parameters affecting layout and how accidentals are used, a new way to force alignment, an HTML index, and various other enhancements.

    •  27 Feb 2006 21:52

    Release Notes: New features in this release included a generalized 'if' clause, support for complex time signatures, and additional ways to control the appearance of beams and stems.

    •  10 May 2005 02:39

    Release Notes: New features include support for cross-staff stems, additive time values, an alternative multirest style, an additional tuplet numbering style, a 'number of pages' string, and an option to beam across spaces.

    •  08 Jul 2004 21:20

    Release Notes: This release introduces support for shaped note heads. There are also enhancements to parameters: a way to change some parameters (like clef) in the middle of a measure, a new 'stemlen' parameter, more flexibility in the 'key' parameter, and a new 'swingunit' parameter that will produce MIDI output in swing time. Other features include a way to specify your own custom PostScript to be included in the generated output, and a way to reset rehearsal numbers and letters.

    •  09 Dec 2003 06:19

    Release Notes: New features include more flexible headers and footers, text blocks, paragraphs, and enhancements to parameters.

    •  30 Mar 2003 20:52

    Release Notes: There is a new option to extract a portion of a song. Support was added for sub-beams. Phrase marks were reimplemented to produce smoother curves. There is a new no-break space character. A text string can be centered above a line. There are some new user-donated support programs.

    •  11 Jul 2002 01:55

    Release Notes: Most of the changes in this release were to fine tune the output to follow established guidelines for musical notation as closely as possible. There are several other miscellaneous features, including dotted/dashed phrase marks, the ability to force tie/slur bulge direction, an additional clef, and more flexible use of staff labels.

    •  25 Nov 2001 20:39

    Release Notes: New ways to adjust the appearance of lyrics, rehearsal marks, pedal marks, margins, and staff layout, new options to show macro expansions, more automatic verse numbering, multiple voices for tablature staffs, and a new Windows frontend.

    •  17 Aug 2001 01:24

    Release Notes: This version adds support for a third voice per staff, circled text, and a number of new ways to adjust the placement of the output.


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