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Multixterm creates multiple xterms that can be driven together or separately. It can be used to login via SSH to multiple hosts and control them simultaneously, or for ad hoc things where you want to see the results as you type. Each xterm may also be driven separately. Multixterm is scriptable so that you can easily fire up, for example, a dozen xterms with a single command, tiled nicely on your screen. In addition to SSH, multixterm can drive rlogin, telnet, passwd, or any program that runs in an xterm.

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  •  25 Apr 2002 13:41

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04 Apr 2012 19:45 Phdenis40 Thumbs up

This software seems to be interesting but unfortunately, the lack of examples doesn't help.
For example, once you've opened 2 ssh terminals how do you send message to each of them a command. (i.g send an echo terminal 1 or terminal 2)


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