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Multivalent Browser

Multivalent Browser is a utility that natively views scanned paper, PDF, HTML, UNIX manual pages, and TeX DVI. The browser supports in situ annotations such as hyperlinks, highlights, notes, and executable copy editor markup on any of these formats. It boasts advanced features such as lenses and robust locations. For developers, Multivalent has an API for extensions, and the document viewers can be embedded in Java Swing-based applications.


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Release Notes: This version features various PDF improvements, updates the PDF support to version 1.5 of the PDF specification, supports all PDF font types, and adds general PDF appearance improvements.

Release Notes: New document manipulation tools were added, allowing you to extract text from documents, to perform full-text searches of documents, and to repair, edit, or recompress PDF files, converting from patented LZW compression to patent-free and more efficient Flate compression. New PDF manipulation classes were added to read existing PDF files, display pages, and write new PDF files. Viewers can now be embedded in Java Swing applications. Generally useful Java classes are now included, such as BufferedRandomAccessFile, which is much faster for short I/O than Java's built-in non-buffered class.

Release Notes: This release has nearly complete PDF viewing support (clipping, predictor functions, line attributes, named destinations, fast and high quality FAX scaling, enhanced OCR, most popular gradient type, and Type 3 fonts), a full-screen slide show mode for PDF/DVI/multipage formats , and browser remote control.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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