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26 Oct 2012 20:27 komir

Is this project is alive?
Will be there new realises or patches?
When try to install new store get error FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it! and my provider cant enable it?

07 Sep 2006 06:19 tropic

fix for a SQL injection vulnerability
thanks to David Byrne, I've know a SQL injection ulnerability in the store-side of PHP-Multishop. It is caused by improper variable sanitizing in store/includes/multishop_functions.php called from store/login.php.

To get further details and a fix, download the package '' here:

04 Dec 2005 05:06 tropic

Update multishop to the last oscommerce
In the Download ( section of the Multishop Demo portal is available the package to update php-multishop-0.8 to the last fixes and changes released by the osCommerce team on 2005-11-13.

Requirement: php-multishop-0.8

15 Jun 2005 06:35 tropic

fixed the Categories_Products module
I've fixed an error in the Categories_Products module, that show the products, also in home page.

Now, the price of products includes the complete tax calculation and, if exists, the price in special offer.

06 Jun 2005 06:57 tropic

PHPNuke Installer
I've created an Installer, a Web Interface to simplify the process of installation of PHPNuke, hoping that it will be useful to many inexpert users, so my little work could contribute to the further diffusion of this great CMS.

This first release includes the languages english, spanish, italian and french, and provides the installation for PHPNuke version 7.7, 7.6 and 7.5.

Note: tested only with MySql DataBase.


04 May 2005 14:06 tropic

Admin Access package available
After various suggestions finally I adopted the Admin Level wth Account package, an oCommerce contribution available on, to protect the Administration Areas of the shops.

The package is available on the Download area of

13 Apr 2005 11:32 tropic

Greek language available
Is available for download on SourceForge the greek translation of Php-multishop, thanks to Vangelis Giannoulatos (panvagil -

12 Apr 2005 11:39 tropic

fixed the block Product_Random
For a little bug, the tax in the product price of the Product Random was not included.

The fixed file is now available in the Download section (Fixes).

Simply, replace the new file in the blocks/ folder.

11 Dec 2004 04:19 tropic

Error in MultiShop-0.5 (multishop_addon.sql file)
I've found an error of distraction in the file: Multishop_as_Addon/multishop_addon.sql (only for MultiShop-0.5 version).

Is available the correct file in the Download section (Fixes):

or get the new fixed release 0.5.1.

To the end of multishop_addon.sql file, the correct commands are:

# Table nuke_authors, add field: 'radminmultishop'

ALTER TABLE nuke_authors ADD radminmultishop tinyint(2) NOT NULL default '0';

# Table nuke_session, add field: 'random_num'

ALTER TABLE nuke_session ADD random_num int(7) default NULL;

# Table nuke_users_temp, add field: 'customers_password'

ALTER TABLE nuke_users_temp ADD customers_password varchar(40) NOT NULL default '';"

25 Nov 2004 08:54 tropic

Polish translation available
For Php-MultiShop-0.5 is now available also the polish translation, thanks to Andrew (


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