Comments for Multi Gnome Terminal

26 Oct 2005 07:38 cordor

chinese, japanese
MGT fails to display chinese, japanese characters while gnome-terminal works fine. dunno what's the problem

15 Jun 2002 22:12 hal9

If MGT were a sports car, gnome-terminal would be a bicycle. They both have wheels, but the similarities pretty much end there. This is what gnome-terminal should have been :)

19 May 2002 21:22 ggdev

Great job !
Keep Up the good work.

I think this app should be put in place of the standard gnome-terminal.

10 Jan 2002 03:15 xme

Nice tool!
Using this tools since the first release, I see that the author quickly fixes bugs and adds requested features. It helps me to reduce the growing numbers of terminals on my desktop :)

19 Oct 2001 12:10 bwana147

nice tool
Really a nice tool. I've got a couple of machines that I must telnet to quite often, and the Multi Gnome Terminal provides nice shortcuts for this. It also prevents the desktop from being too cluttered.


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