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Multi Gnome Terminal is an enhanced version of gnome-terminal, with many powerful new features and extensions. The most notable enhancement is the ability to run multiple terminals within the same window. Each terminal may be accessed by its "tab", through keyboard shortcuts, or menu selections. Inactive terminals provide an alert when the buffer changes by changing the color of the tab labels. Other enhancements include a toolbar, a buttonbar, flexible command options to launch new terminals, tabs, and shells from either the GUI or command line, customizable key bindings for MGT functions and other uses, font shadowing, the ability to "split" terminals so that each window can simultaneously multiple terminals, the ability to "view" or "bond" terminals with other terminals, and various other improvements.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Apr 2003 15:11

    Release Notes: Several bugs have been fixed. 'echo -e '1234567890\10\10\e[Z.' now produces correct output. Previously, if you began a keyboard shortcut in one MGT window, and then opened new MGT windows (not tabs), and then tried to use the full shortcut 'Ctrl-l n', MGT would crash. Another problem caused the cursor to disappear if the text selection went over it and back. If bold text was drawn by overstriking characters, stripes would be left along the left border of terminal screen. Finally, if screen was launched from MGT, it wouldn't render semi-graphic characters.

    •  07 Sep 2002 17:38

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. The main bugs that have been fixed are an MGT crash if it was launched without any config file, and an MGT crash at startup when given a non-existing class by the commandline option --wclass.

      •  30 Aug 2002 01:19

        Release Notes: The main new feature for this release is that now each Tab can have its own settings for many things such as fonts, backgrounds, etc. Font handling has been improved, including support for pseudo-graphics characters (like xterm) and some support for proportional fonts. URL Handling now works with raw IP addresses, because mgt-helper script has been improved quite a lot. Several bugs have also been fixed.

        •  26 Jul 2002 07:20

          Release Notes: In this release there are several enhancements: one can set contrast and gamma correction of background pixmap, which can be even illuminated as well as shaded, a different color and/or a different font can be chosen for bold text, hardset items of 'New Term' menu can be hidden, and command line options have been improved. Moreover mgt-helper script has been improved a lot and many bugs have been fixed too.

          •  03 Jul 2002 16:59

            Release Notes: MGT now includes a shell script (mgt-helper) that adds additional functionality. Notably, you can now have separate bash histories for each Tab, and you can use mgt-helper as a GNOME URL Handler to launch text based applications in a new Tab. Also, several new Actions are available for keybindings, and logging out of a gnome-session can now save the current MGT Windows, Tabs, paths, and commands. A number of bugs are also fixed in this release.

            Recent comments

            26 Oct 2005 07:38 cordor

            chinese, japanese
            MGT fails to display chinese, japanese characters while gnome-terminal works fine. dunno what's the problem

            15 Jun 2002 22:12 hal9

            If MGT were a sports car, gnome-terminal would be a bicycle. They both have wheels, but the similarities pretty much end there. This is what gnome-terminal should have been :)

            19 May 2002 21:22 ggdev

            Great job !
            Keep Up the good work.

            I think this app should be put in place of the standard gnome-terminal.

            10 Jan 2002 03:15 xme

            Nice tool!
            Using this tools since the first release, I see that the author quickly fixes bugs and adds requested features. It helps me to reduce the growing numbers of terminals on my desktop :)

            19 Oct 2001 12:10 bwana147

            nice tool
            Really a nice tool. I've got a couple of machines that I must telnet to quite often, and the Multi Gnome Terminal provides nice shortcuts for this. It also prevents the desktop from being too cluttered.


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