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Mulimidix is a mini Linux distribution for building a PC-based set-top box and multimedia player system with digital TV, MP3, DivX, etc. support, using VDR, Freevo and other tools. It is currently optimized for i686.

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No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  10 Jun 2004 05:22

Release Notes: This version was nearly rewritten from scratch, and many changes were made.

  •  04 Dec 2003 13:32

Release Notes: There is a new VDR version and many new features. This release is completely restructured and more stable. Many VDR plugins have been added.

  •  17 May 2003 02:49

Release Notes: This release features the 2.4.20 kernel and VDR 1.1.29 (including AIO). Various bugfixes were made, the configuration scripts were updated, and a lot of other useful stuff was added.

  •  04 Apr 2003 03:33

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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