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Mudlet is a MUD client. It offers a user-friendly graphical user interface, natively built-in Lua scripting language support, a complex, high performance trigger engine based PCRE-7.6 Perl regular expressions, customizable user buttons, menus and tool bars via CSS stylesheets to trigger commands, dockable user windows, a fast display engine that renders up to 1,000 frames per second and scrolls 100.000 lines in under a second, complex command completion, tab completion, complex regex aliases, timers, offset timers, trigger chains that greatly help simplify complex regular expressions, multi-line and multi-condition triggers that allow the user to reduce the need for scripting and simplify complex regex/scripting tasks, a decent user manual, and a very active developer community.


Recent releases

  •  25 May 2009 07:14

    Release Notes: Lots of new features were added, like color triggers, filters, a user GUI kit, millisecond timestamps, and more. A Mac OS X version is also available now.

    •  13 Mar 2009 23:03

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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