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mtop (MySQL top) monitors a MySQL database showing the queries which are taking the most amount of time to complete. Features include 'zooming' in on a process to show the complete query, 'explaining' the query optimizer information for a query and 'killing' queries. In addition, server performance statistics, configuration information, and tuning tips are provided.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2004 13:54

    Release Notes: A new feature to "fold" selected columns in the main display was added, so you can see more of the WHERE clause. mkill.PL is included, as it was missing from the 0.6.5 distribution.

    •  12 Sep 2004 18:07

      Release Notes: A minor fix to no longer require a connection to the test database.

      •  23 Jun 2003 15:07

        Release Notes: The mkill utility was added to watch and kill long running queries based on regex filters. mtop has new options to control how many seconds elapse before a slow query is highlighted.

        •  15 Apr 2003 20:09

          Release Notes: This release adds new "per second" statistics, a new admin stats page, and the ability to store the configuration in .mtoprc. It fixes several replication-related bugs (to properly show the slave location) and Mac OS X curses/display bugs.

          •  01 Jul 2002 14:35

            Release Notes: Comments are now stripped from the monitor window. Comments will still appear in the zoom/explain views. Leading spaces were also removed from the display columns.


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