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Version 1.11.6008 Beta 5 of MSS Code Factory

Release Notes: This release provides SQL Server 2012 Express Advanced Edition support. It should work for other editions of SQL Server 2012 as well. Note that MSS Code Factory now restricts doubles and floats to the ranges defined by SQL Server instead of those defined by Java. Portability is key.

Other releases

  •  28 Feb 2014 18:31

Release Notes: A workaround for the DB/2 LUW Blob support issue has been implemented. DB/2 LUW now stores BLOBs as Base64-encoded CLOBs of the same maximum length as the Blobs in other databases. As a result, DB/2 LUW cannot store full-size Blobs. On the plus side, all database operations for DB/2 LUW are now expressed as server-side stored procedures, boosting performance.

  •  14 Feb 2014 22:58

Release Notes: There are three known bugs with the code produced by the release candidate. DB/2 LUW will periodically throw SQLCODE 204 exceptions. Sybase ASE will allow you to delete data when you don't have an entry in the security tables allowing you to do so. SQL Server will also allow you to delete data when you don't have permission to do so.

  •  08 Feb 2014 23:47

Release Notes: The MssCF support files have been moved from the $schemaname$ project to the $schemaname$msscf project. That way, the core library package $schemaname$ has no more than it absolutely must, and there is no dependency on MssCF implied for using the project code.

Release Notes: PostgreSQL JDBC now uses dynamic database schema naming. You can now dynamically set the database schema name with a PostgreSQL JDBC client, allowing you to run a custom client for a given schema model against an extended/superset database instance that references the schema model for your application. Because the target database is a superset, your client should only have to specify the target schema name in its configuration file, and the rest should just happen automatically.

  •  03 Feb 2014 18:48

Release Notes: You can now reference and import schemas to your model by using the new SchemaRef elements of a SchemaDef. Examples of how to use this new construct are present in all the models provided by the distribution packaging. You need to import CFIso and CFSecurity at a minimum. CFInternet is highly recommended, as well. Most applications that are modified to reference CFIso and CFSecurity should see substantial reduction in code size compared to copy-pasting the old complete CFSme model.


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