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  •  15 Sep 2007 12:47

Release Notes: For the first time, there is a Windows version, but currently without a sequencer and synthesizer. This version has many new functions like the ability to insert and delete measures, a better layout, new score elements like changeable note heads, rehearsal marks, tremolo, measure repeats, and more. The sequencer now can play repeats. There are also bugfixes and new bugs.

  •  30 Jul 2007 10:35

Release Notes: Most notably, the MIDI import crash was fixed.

  •  24 Jul 2007 13:57

Release Notes: This release features a mix of bugfixes and new features. New features are better MIDI import with automatic key detection and pitch spelling, and a new import data format: MuseData. There are are also some new symbols like arpeggio lines, breath markers, and text frames. Usability is enhanced with a new dock widget collecting all palettes. The symbol palette is now configurable with custom symbols imported from various graphics formats.

  •  11 Feb 2007 14:32

Release Notes: This release consists of some new features and a lot of bugfixes and code cleanups. It uses cmake as the build system, and has moved from CVS to SVN. MusicXML import and export is better and more complete. The music font used is now part of MuseScore; installation is no longer necessary. An ALSA driver has been added for ease of use, and there are more usability enhancements like drag/drop palettes and cut and paste functionality.

  •  24 Sep 2005 04:03

Release Notes: This release is based the Qt 4 GUI library and takes advantages of features like antialiased screen drawing. New features included a navigator panel, a page layout preview, and a tabbed multiple document interface. The unmodified LilyPond project "emmentaler" font is now used.

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