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Version 2.11.1 of mrtg

Release Notes: Working week numbers for Windows and better documentation about running MRTG as a service on Windows. SNMP options parsing in and the secondmean and logscale options have been fixed.

Other releases

  •  19 Feb 2011 07:57

Release Notes: All open bugs were fixed. D-Link and WWP (Ciena) support was added for ifAlias OIDs in cfgmaker.

  •  15 Dec 2010 11:05

Release Notes: Support for RRDcached was added. Cfgmaker can now deal with mixed v1/2/3 SNMP environments. Fixes were made for running mrtg in taintmode. Support for discovering Arista gear with cfgmaker was added.

  •  05 Jul 2010 08:11

    Release Notes: This version is compatible with perl 5.12. Failing taint checks were fixed. cfgmaker enhancements were made.

    •  17 Feb 2008 06:17

    Release Notes: Support was added for RRDtool based Holt-Winters aberrant behavior detection. Threshold based alerts have been enhanced to be able to fire based on the FAILURES RRA. Note that Holt-Winters aberrant behavior detection can only be enabled on newly created RRDs. Improvments were made to MIB parsing, threshold alerts, and more.

    •  29 Apr 2007 04:33

    Release Notes: SNMVv3 handling was improved. Support for SNMPv2/3 devices WITHOUT HC counters was added. Indexmaker parsing was made more robust. Netware support was updated.


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