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Mrs is a lightweight but high performance implementation of the MapReduce programming model for parallel computation. It is optimized for computationally intensive programs, especially those which are iterative, though it is applicable to a wide range of applications. It is intended to be simple to install and use. It is written in Python, supports both Python 2 and Python 3, and has no dependencies outside the standard library. The name "Mrs" derives from the practice of referring to MapReduce programs by the title "mister" (e.g., "Mr. Wordcount").

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  •  15 Nov 2012 13:34

    Release Notes: Prominent changes in this release include a relicensing under the Apache Software License instead of the GPL, support for data larger than the available RAM, extended documentation including a new User Guide, support for specifying custom serializers in addition to pickle, a new data-intensive example, Walk Analyzer, a maximum number of failures per task, and a variety of bugfixes.

    •  21 Sep 2012 01:00

      Release Notes: This release offers significant improvements to performance, stability, and ease of use.

      •  09 Feb 2008 18:21

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

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      21 Sep 2012 12:02 Avatar Huno Thumbs up

      Hello, Searchel here. I'm just proceeding with the advent of this application; could it be implemented in WINDOWS OS.? And if so how would anticipating gain access to the Opensource version of such application? Thanks a million!!!


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