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MQ Message Encryption

MQ Message Encryption (MQME) is a solution that provides encryption for WebSphere MQ message data while it resides in a queue and in the MQ logs. It uses AES and offers the ability to control who accesses protected queues. This control is obtained through the use of UserID grouping, and group files are similar to the Unix /etc/group file. It also has the ability to generate and validate messages using a SHA-2 digital signature.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Nov 2013 20:23

    Release Notes: This release adds a UserIDFormatting flag to force Lowercase/Uppercase/As_Is formatting of the UserID.

    •  09 Sep 2013 23:25

      Release Notes: Support for local OS group querying was added. UserIDs, UseGroups, Groups, GroupFile, UseApplications, and Applications keywords were removed, and new keywords were added: UserIDsForGet, UseGroupsForGet, GroupsForGet, UseGroupFileForGet, GroupFileForGet, UseApplicationsForGet, ApplicationsForGet, UserIDsForPut, UseGroupsForPut, GroupsForPut, UseGroupFileForPut, GroupFileForPut, UseApplicationsForPut, and ApplicationsForPut.

      •  11 Jan 2013 18:59

        Release Notes: A new UserIDsForPut keyword was added, which restricts who can put messages into a queue. An issue with MQClose and files being left open, a non-threading issue on AIX, a bug in MQCallback with the MQGMO v4 structure, and a bug when using Perform=B and a XMIT queue were fixed. Code was added to handle the case when the data length value passed to the exit is larger than the real data length. The logger was updated.


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