Version 5.1.3 of Minimum Profit

Release Notes: This release features a new Qt4 driver, a new hexadecimal viewer, dropping from system UI windows, improved charset detection, and some clipboard and platform-specific fixes.

    Other releases

    •  28 Dec 2013 12:19

      Release Notes: This release added file format dependent build targets (to be used if a Makefile is not found in the current directory). open_under_cursor now also works over diff file marks. A new configuration variable that adds options to make was implemented. \x{HHHH} Unicode code points are now accepted in search and replace. A new status line format token that shows the Unicode codepoint of the character under the cursor was implemented. Some minor bugs were fixed.

      •  15 Apr 2013 22:08

        Release Notes: This release fixes grep.

        •  13 Mar 2013 21:19

          Release Notes: This release adds search to the hex viewer, restores JavaScript syntax highlighting, fixes crashes in macro playing, the Qt menus, and file renaming in the directory editor, and changes the default tab setting to convert to four spaces.

          •  20 Jun 2012 23:14

            Release Notes: This release adds new actions to move a section up or down, fixes for VCS issues, a reorganized menu, keycode aliases, a read-only scrollbar in the curses interface, and a much faster hexadecimal viewer.

            •  09 Apr 2012 10:00

              Release Notes: This release adds embedded version control support (Git, Subversion, and Mercurial), GTK 3.x support, improved help gathering for C files, executable templates, an embedded "Pipes" game, and some minor bugfixing.


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              A library for DWARF debug information reading/writing.